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  Courtyard Home with Central Water Court
  No. of Rooms: 5 + 1 Rooms   To Fit Lot Size: 66' X 120'   Built-up Area: 4467 sq ft
About This Design
  • A Lifestlye Home with Central Courtyard comes with a water court as an option
  • The courtyard in the centre of the house as a strong focal point and a cental architectural organising theme
  • All major rooms are arranged around this courtyard
  • Entrance to the House via a Foyer is flanked by landscaped water features
  • Staircase is placed along the centrally located axis and next to the water court to bring light, air and drama into the interior living spaces
  • An introverted house which is intended to focus inward. Major Living Spaces are positioned at the rear of the house and face outward into the rear garden
  • A 5+1 Bedrooms house; All Bedrooms with Bathrooms Attached
  • A H-shaped plan with maximum views, light and ventilation allowed in the upper floor
  • A very popular design
Bungalow Code
Style Tropical Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Medium Home Designs
Built-up Area 4467 sq ft
To Fit Lot Size
66' X 120'

A12 dwg RM499.00

A12 pdf RM299.90

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