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  No. of Rooms: 6 + 1 Rooms   To Fit Lot Size: 66' X 120'   Built-up Area: 5387 sq ft
About This Design
  • An axial home plan
  • All major rooms are arranged along the central axis
  • The central axis is the spine of the house where interesting architectural element like the void are placed carefully to create double volume spaces at some strategic and important rooms
  • The centrally located staircase is placed along the axis to accentuate the architectural focus. It is also a means to reinforce the central spine as an important circulation zone
  • All habitable rooms are placed on either sides of the axis
  • Rooms are punctuated by some interesting water features to bring life and outward vista and create a positive in-between spaces
  • A 6+1 bedrooms house
  • All bedrooms are bathroom attached
Bungalow Code
Style Tropical Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Medium Home Designs
Built-up Area 5387 sq ft
To Fit Lot Size
66' X 120'

A13 dwg RM449.90

A13 pdf RM299.90

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