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  No. of Rooms: 6 + 1 Rooms    
About This Design
  • A large lifestyle bungalow building on gentle slope
  • A C-shaped courtyard home with a pool in the middle
  • The public and private spaces of the house are created by tiered levels; more public area like the Living Room is located at the lower level while the private bedrooms are located in the upper levels for security, views and privacy
  • Major importants rooms like the Master Bedroom and the Family Room are oriented to face the courtyard pool
  • A separate maid's squarter is located at the back garden of the house to give privacy to both the master and the servants
Bungalow Code
Style Tropical Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Large Home Designs
Built-up Area
To Fit Lot Size

A21 dwg RM499.00

A21 pdf RM399.90

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