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  Roof Garden Home
  No. of Rooms: 5 + 1 Rooms   To Fit Lot Size: odd size   Built-up Area: 5200 sq ft
About This Design
  • A modern design that fits into a triangular shape of land
  • A 2 storey compact design with a roof top garden
  • The public domain of the house design is placed at the back for privacy
  • The rectilinear box along the edge of the boundary houses most of the functional requirements of the house
  • The major space is curve in shape to soften the triangularity of the land shape
  • The main living room has a sweeping sundeck along the length of the curve glass wall to also bring in the external vista into the house. The deck also serves as an effective intermediate positive space and usable area between the internal and external zones.
  • Most bedrooms are well-sized and with bathroom attached
  • A very popular design
Bungalow Code
Style Modern Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Medium Home Designs
Built-up Area 5200 sq ft
To Fit Lot Size
odd size

A31 dwg RM399.00

A31 pdf RM299.90

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