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  Villa Embun
  No. of Rooms: 8 + 3 Rooms   To Fit Lot Size: 120' X 120' with 17 degree slope   Built-up Area: 20 000 sqft
About This Design
  • A extremely luxurious home with a great lifestyle to match
  • Nestled on a slope and the spaces are designed to be divided both vertically and horizontally
  • A multiple-level dwelling home designed with maximum privacy, security, lifestyle and prestige in mind
  • Access to the main living space is via a tower lift from the road level
  • Main entertainment and gathering space is graced with a large pool with extended terraces to link with the Main Living Room
  • The main Formal Living Room is overlooking the pool terrace area; it is 4 levels above the street level to ensure maximum security, distant majestic views and privacy
  • Master Bedroom is positioned directly above the Formal Living Room to overlook the pool terrace area below and the distance view beyond
  • All other bedrooms and habitable spaces are placed on the upper levels for views, privacy and security
  • A private garden is designed to cater green areas to all the bedrooms located at the back and top most level of the house
  • A separate and large guest house is located below the Formal Living Room for privacy. It can be detached from the main house while still can function independently. It is equipped with all the state-of-the-art facilities of a luxurious Guest House
  • This home is designed with Drivers' Room and Guard Rooms with own living squarters and facilities. There are located along the spin of the vertical circulation as security check points
  • It has 8 super large bedrooms with spectacular views and luxurious convenience
  • Designed with the design language of past and nostalgic granduer
  • Park 8 cars
  • A home for the ultimate lifestyle
  • A very popular superhome design
Bungalow Code
Style Tropical Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Large Home Designs
Built-up Area 20 000 sqft
To Fit Lot Size
120' X 120' with 17 degree slope

A37 dwg RM899.00

A37 pdf RM499.90

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