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  No. of Rooms: 6 + 1 Rooms   To Fit Lot Size: 90' x 180'   Built-up Area: 8264 sq ft
About This Design
  • A single storey classic tropical home with an open central courtyard garden
  • Designed as an unassuming yet functional and luxurious lifestyle home
  • Planned along a central axis where spaces are arranged
  • The house is intentionally planned not to be visible from the outside world
  • Upon entry to the inner sanctuary of the house, visitors are greeted with the water featured pond on both sides before reaching the Entrance Foyer and the Garden Courtyard beyond
  • Bedrooms and other functional and utility rooms are arranged on both side of the courtyard
  • The major rooms like the Living and Dining Area are strategically positioned at the end of the house for privacy and tranquility
  • A large lap pool and a wading pool for children with an all round terrace is the final highlight of the house. It is a designed as a place for function, party and simply for family affairs and gathering
  • A truly magnificient tropical house with all the tropical designs features
  • A very popular design
Bungalow Code
Style Tropical Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Large Home Designs
Built-up Area 8264 sq ft
To Fit Lot Size
90' x 180'

A51 dwg RM499.00

A51 pdf RM199.90

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